Who you choose to work with matters.

Baystate Financial

We believe that starting each relationship with a holistic conversation about your goals is the best way to deliver thoughtful and comprehensive financial planning guidance.

We consider your entire financial picture, from your current needs to future ones, as well as what you hope to achieve in life before we start to help you plan how to get there.

At Baystate, not only are you guided by your personal representative, our team of Firm Specialists contribute their insights and knowledge. These individuals are subject matter experts in their respective areas and are an integral part of the planning process both behind the scenes and directly with our clients. This kind of specialized internal support structure is highly unique in the financial industry and differentiates Baystate from other financial services firms.

Once your strategy is articulated, we remain by your side, monitoring your investments, making recommended enhancements at each milestone in your life, and continuing to ensure that your financial position remains strong. Your story is our story.

At Baystate, we go to great lengths to deliver the personalized attention and accessibility you deserve. We believe that a financial strategy is about more than managing money; it's about providing you with guidance, insight, and results.